If you are looking for a prim and proper, who always follow all rules of etiquette and always looks impeccable event planner; then I am sorry you have come to the wrong place. However if you are looking for someone who cares about your event as much as you, will laugh along side you, tear up during your vows, and isn’t afraid of hard work; then we would love to meet you!



Owner & Lead Planner

Holly has a degree in Business Administration from Penn State University and is certified in Wedding and Event Planning from New York Institute of Art & Design. All of her career she has worked in some type of customer service job; and it has helped her to understand the importance of customer care. She has helped execute several events from weddings to corporate functions. Use to working in a fast paced environment, she has excelled in communication, management, and problem solving skills.

She contributed to and wrote various articles on wedding planning advice for local publications. One to rarely sit down; you will always catch her fine tuning some detail. A hopeless romantic at heart with a mind that is constantly going; she is a great resource while planning any event.

When she is not working, she is still rarely home. Her second passion is travel; and her and her husband love to take trips. Holly also enjoys baking, hiking, kayaking, reading, watching movies, walking her two dogs, and spending time with her husband. Be sure to check out her personal blog, weddingsandwanderings.com.



Past Co-Owner & Occasional Helper

Holly's longtime friend who has a love of all things sparkly, romantic, classy, and elegant. Her amazing people skills, tireless work ethic, and passion for events is what made her Holly's first choice as partner when starting this company. Kacy is committed to understanding and implementing the client's personal vision. She makes it her goal to ensure that each client receives the very best in customer service, support, and planning assistance. She always has a smile on her face and is not afraid to go that extra mile.

In order to spend more time with her growing children, in 2017 Kacy is stepped down from a leadership role with the company. She will still show up at a few weddings every year as Holly's assistant. She may also fill in if an emergency situation arises and Holly cannot be there.

Day of Assistants

Holly works with several qualified individuals, and continues to find new assistants to help her out the day of the event. All are carefully selected; and most have helped Holly or Kacy out in the past, or have experience in the wedding industry. Please note not every event will have an assistant. Holly will use her discretion to if one is needed.