What does H&K stand for?

H&K stands for Holly and Kacy, the founders of this company. Two women who have been friends for more than 20 years. Their combined passion and talents are what helped get this business off the ground. After the 2017 wedding season, Kacy stepped away from wedding planning to focus on her family. Holly now runs the company solo but kept the name in honor of her friend who helped make H&K what it is today. Kacy is still around and occasionally will help Holly as a day of assistant.

Who works our actual event?

All events at this point are done by Holly. For most weddings she will bring a day of assistant to help out on the day of the event. This can vary though depending on the event itself, and she will use her discretion on whether or not she brings a day of helper. No additional fees are charged for assistants, unless specifically requested. No refunds are given if she chooses not to bring an assistant.

What happens if something comes up and Holly can't make our event?

Holly has yet to miss an event but we all know life can be unexpected. Besides Kacy, she has other qualified event planners she has subcontracted with she can contact to try and fill in that day. Details are outlined in the contract.

What is your range of service?

Most of our events are done in the State College, Lewistown, Huntingdon, and Altoona areas. We have traveled to other areas such as Dubois, Clearfield, Lock Haven, Ebensburg, and Gettysburg. Travel fees will apply to any event more than 30 miles from State College, and service options may be limited to areas further away.

Do you provide rentals?

Though we have some limited decorations available for use to our clients; we do not have items to rent. We do work with local rental companies all the time, and can handle the arrangements.

Do you offer à la carte services?

Yes we have done individually consulting for clients looking for just a little help in certain areas. Some of these services include (but not limited to) helping to find a venue, putting together a day of timeline, viewing private property for an at home wedding, or general guidance. Contact us with what you may need assistance with to see if we can help.

What if my event is postponed or cancelled?

If the event is postponed, we will work with you to try and accommodate the new date if available (a fee may apply). If the event is cancelled, you may be billed for services rendered. Please check your contract for details on both policies.

Do you accept payments for recommendations or referrals?

No, H&K Weddings and Events does not accept or give payments for referrals. We believe in recommending the vendors that we feel will best meet the needs of our clients.