Our History

Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise" specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. Holly and Kacy look at the formation of H&K Weddings and Events as one of life's truly serendipitous events. H&K Weddings and Events came about thanks to two longtime friends who never realized they shared the same dream, until one day Holly shared her dream with Kacy. As a result of that "happy accident," their mutual desire became a reality.

Being an event planner is a dream that Holly had for most of her life. She would spend hours researching ideas, vendors, and anything she could get her hands on about the industry. She jumped at the chance to host any sort of celebration. She eventually found herself being asked to help organize functions at work and for loved ones.

In an "Adult Living" class in high school, Kacy was given a wedding planning project; from buying rings and the gown, right down to the venue and caterer. She was hooked! There were so many choices to be made but she worked feverishly on that project and had it completed long before it was due. Kacy, like Holly, loved to help put together any sort of event her family may host. She also started getting requests from friends and family when it came time to help plan a special occasion.

One day, Holly and Kacy were catching up, and discussing the numerous events they had helped organize. Holly commented how much she loved event planning and wonderful it would be to start a business doing something so meaningful. She did not realize that Kacy had similar aspirations of her own. From that moment on H&K was born.

For six years, Holly and Kacy worked side by side with that dream, and turned it into a successful side business. Together they helped execute over 60 weddings, as well as a few birthday parties, showers, and bar/bat mitzvahs. In 2017, Kacy made the decision to step away from the business. Her kids were growing up and being involved with activities that would take place on the weekends. Not wanting to miss their life celebrations, she handed the entire business over to Holly. Her and Holly remain close friends, and Kacy still occasionally will assist Holly the day of the event.

H&K Weddings and Events is Holly and Kacy's passion, their dream and their reality. Now Holly is here to help make your dreams your reality as well.